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"By running to be a member of Corona City Council, I am bringing with me my aim to put a strong voice of my fellow residents in the city government where our complaints and issues are acted upon." - Alex Garcia

Form a coalition with small businesses

My name is Alex Garcia, your fellow resident of Corona, a business owner, and an aspiring public servant. I grew up in Texas in a modest household where my father was a business owner and instilled values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. At the age of eighteen years old I started my first company and had many employees working for me. I was exposed to making hard decisions at any early age of my life long career, entrepreneurship that have honed my skills in dealing and working with people especially in difficult situations. When I moved here to Corona twelve years ago the city had done a fantastic job attracting people to move and live here. Everything was new and charming; however, the downtown area was old and dilapidated. Today, the Corona downtown area is presently in dire need of renovations. One of my roles as a City Council candidate is to revitalize Sixth Street and help the small businesses to get funding to be refaced and repainted. As a current resident of Corona, I see time and again obvious issues that remain unresolved. My objective as a candidate for Corona City Council is to listen to the complaints of my fellow residents, act on their complaints and deliver resolutions to them. My candidacy is based on the many unanswered and unresolved complaints I have received as a member of our community from various residents in different neighborhoods. My goal is to form a coalition with small businesses to be the voice for them to revitalize our area. By enhancing the area it will perpetuate growth, opportunity, and jobs and allow the city to make more tax revenue dollars to be able to invest that back into our community. I am running for Corona City Council because I am acting on many complaints that the city has either neglected or otherwise forgotten such as the downtown Sixth Street area and Main Street. I am running so that my fellow residents could count on someone they know who takes action. A person they can rely on who delivers answers and resolutions to their various issues and concerns. By running to be a member of Corona City Council, I am bringing with me my aim to put a strong voice of my fellow residents in the city government where our complaints and issues are acted upon. As a business person, I understand the value of helping people to get a better start in their career, their future and their lives. I have helped hundreds of people enhance their quality of life through my guidance and my genuine willingness to help them succeed. I usher each of my employees to better careers by providing them a stepping stone and a stage to practice their skills in business and in work ethics. I help them provide for their families and provide for themselves. I, in turn help the city at large by being part of a business community that thrives and grows amidst the challenges of our present economy. Like I mentioned, I see obvious issues in our city that remain unresolved. We have the problem with water shortage. Regulation after regulation we are told to conserve. But conservation is not enough! We need something more, something concrete.

Stop overbuilding

Lastly, overbuilding has become so prevalent that it now directly affects our neighborhoods. As a result of overbuilding, streets have become congested, security is lessened and the welfare of residents jeopardized. When I get elected, I will not only help clean up downtown. I will institute a bill in which a program is created that will assign and look for volunteers for a regularly scheduled clean up drive for the whole downtown area. I will assign regular police patrols in areas where illegal activity is common and rampant and continue in my efforts to help the homeless population through services rendered and job placement. I plan to bring consumable water directly from rich water reservoirs at little to no cost to residents. I will enhance our city's water conservation efforts through awareness, education and propagation of the importance of water in our homes and our communities. I will not only put a stop on overbuilding, I will make sure our streets become less congested, our police patrol strengthened and the welfare of our residents is increased. Most of the city’s revenue is derived from small business taxes so we need to be sure to treat small businesses fairly by softening rules and regulations of the permitting process. With our combined efforts, your trust in my ability to take action, and your vote for me to become your voice in Corona City Council, we can all rest assured that our complaints are heard and issues in our city are resolved.

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